Friday, 18 January 2019

Cruel Seas

Report from the Tuesday night game at Furness Wargamers. A game of Cruel Seas from Warlord Games, with Matt providing the Flotillas and acting as GM. The game is new to all the players, who are trying to get their sea legs in this first ever play.

A German Tanker is moored near the coast overnight, protected by a Flakship. But they were not to get much sleep as the Royal Navy attacks with 4 Vosper MTBs (commanded by Keiron) along with a couple of Fairmiles (Ben) for support.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Very British Bridge

Something a bit different as Ben brought out his 1930's 'Very British Civil War' figures and rules which were modified from the VSF 'In Her Majesties Name'. In the VBCW setting, the country has gone to pot after the non-abdication of King Edward VIII.

A convoy of BUF vehicles are attempting to cross a bridge, the checkpoint being manned by some Bobbies, who have also called in help from some Home Defence Volunteers. To make things less one-sided there are also various units of communists lying in ambush.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

New Guinea Guinea Pigs

 A game of Bolt Action, arranged by Kieron And Matt and the first outing for their Pacific forces.
Set in New Guinea, Japanese vs Australians, a simple capture the building scenario.
The Australians have a Matilda while the Japanese have a couple of tank shaped vehicles.

Things were quite slow moving given the size of the forces, so there is some ongoing discussing as to how to speed the system up.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Star Wars Armada

A game of Star Wars Armada, as arranged by Keiron.

Two apparently evenly matched forces despite the Imperials having a size advantage.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Ghost Archipelago

A four-way tussle in this first game of Ghost Archipelago at the club.
Figures and the majority of the terrain supplied by Matt.

A number of boats existed for those who wished to go cruising.

Others started deep inland. (Each player started at a separate corner.

Certain lanes existed for some long-range magical sniping.

Snapping Turtles and betrayals abound as everybody tried to run with the loot to the 'safety' of the beach.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Games Night

An old-style games night which only occurs infrequently nowadays. Jon and Ray coming around for some easter gaming.

Formula De

Running two cars each and dicing off for pole position with second cars at the rear. Montreal track is brutal on the car's tyres and brakes. A bit bland in the corner types which are basically all painful two stop corners, everybody pitted after the first lap of the two-lap race.


The track laying by committee game where longest routes win and direct lines are bad. Two games played with much confusion in the second, as sides were swapped but people initially kept playing as their original colour.


The traditional way to end a games night. Connect4 meets Poker. Three player version seems to take slightly longer than the two player\team version but not by much. Four quick games.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Wings of 100 Years

To celebrate 100 years of the RAF, founded on April Fools Day 1918, I organised a couple of games of Wings of War.

4 a side, with one plane each. Getting the players to choose their own planes was probably a bad idea as ended up with a mixed bag of performance types and many planes the RAF would never have flown!.