Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fistful of Golan

6mm battle between the Syrians and the Israelis on the Golan Heights based on the 1973 actions in the region.

The rules set is Fistful of TOWS 2, the minis supplied by Dave M who is also in charge of the mayhem.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bolt in the Desert

A game of Bolt Action 2, organised by Keiron and GM'ed by Matt who also provided the terrain and models. Scenario is a simple German assault against a British position on a ridge-line in North Africa.

The Germans had a mixture of Panzers and troops, while the British had Infantry and a single Anti-tank gun to start with.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Phalanx 2016

Another year and another Saturday trip to St Helens to visit the Phalanx show, the main one in the North-West. No exhibition game from Furness Wargamers this year, but the usual suspects made their way down individually. Some of the goods purchased are displayed below.

The decision had been previously made by our group at the club to try and organise a Lion Rampant campaign, set around an unspecified area of the Mediterranean in the Crusader era. Given how disorganised we traditionally are this would be quite an achievement if successful. So there the three of us were, trying to sort out what boxes of plastics were needed.

Templar Knight Horses
From Phalanx 2016

Saturday, 23 April 2016

St George's Day Game 2016

The annual St George's Day game, which this year actually occurred on St George's Day! An alternative version of Operation Goodwood, as the British try and force their way out of Normandy but this time with paratrooper support.

The ruleset used is Rapid Fire. Figures supplied by Matt and Keiron.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hero Training

With a number of people missing from the club, I finally managed to get the Heroes of Normandie boardgame into action.

Since this was essentially a training session for the game we worked our way through the first couple of base game scenarios. We decided not to use the cards just to keep things simple.

First scenario was over quickly, the package appearing on an intersection favourable to the Germans. Things proceeded with very little effective shooting, and only one close combat, which was initiated after the game was effectively won.

The second scenario was  the 'Saving Private Rex' one, this one does seem biased towards the American side, due to the amount that they outnumber the opposing Germans, who start with a badly placed Machine Gun nest.

A couple of mistakes made during game play in terms of visibility of concealed Recon units, and the ability to shoot through certain terrain squares to units beyond.

Going to get a couple more containers for the counters, to add to my existing one, as the ziplock solution currently in use is too disorganised.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Horrific Easter

Lousy weather over the Easter holidays, so broke out Eldritch Horror for a couple of solo games, running a couple of characters in each game.

First game, with Cthulhu as the big bad, went disastrously. I chose the Explorer and to face the evil deep ones doings, but couldn't get any traction in solving the first mystery.

Theoretically having two characters working together should help make things easier due to the way the gate allocations and clue tokens to solve mysteries tend to work ( normally half the number of players and round up )

Second game, against Yog-Soggoth, went down to the wire, but managed to lose a number of characters in the process of solving the final mystery.

Charles Kane is not very useful on his own, but with more characters in play I can see his abilities to manage resources being very powerful.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Wasteman Workout

Wasteman, a game by ThunderChild Miniatures, set in a Post Apocalypse wasteland. Not exactly designed for five players, the result being that quite a few special cards were flying around all over the place.

The game resolved into two seperate one on ones, with the fifth group, who had inside knowledge of the game, hanging back\hiding. My group, consisting of a Cat Lady, Shooters, and Cannibal Maws, started off in the open. Cat Lady goes down from a long range shot from Jim's group.

In retaliation I play a card to use my activation to take control of one of his gang, and get them to detonate a bomb in their midst.
No fatalities but numerous wounds.

Matt and Dave M trade long range fire, but DM gets his grunt into close range and starts ripping Matt's force apart. After numerous rounds of fire and a load of dead body's, Matt finally puts the beast down.

 Meanwhile one of my Maw's survives an assault, and chomps down on Jim's Robot, suprisingly destroying it in one munch. The opposing shooters concentrate fire to crit the creature, but my use of the Moojuice card brings it back to be more dangerous than ever. With the second Maw joining in on the assault the enemy boss ends up chomped to pieces.

The game winds down at this point with four out of the five forces not having much left to deal with anything.

Overall an enjoyable amount of chaos.