Saturday, 22 April 2017

St George's Tobruk

The annual St George's Day, or thereabouts, game, fought as an all day game on the Saturday.

North Africa, World War 2 and one of the many sieges of Tobruk.

 Tables galore in this big Rapid Fire game organised by Derek (on what happened to be his birthday.) and with extra terrain by Matt. Four separate, but adjoining zones, of four trestle tables each, for a total of sixteen in use.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Iraq and a hard place

Another Fistful of TOWS 3 game. This time visiting the Iran-Iraq war.

The Iraqis are to defend the terrain and prevent an Iranian armoured breakthrough.

There was no real point in trying to sit around in defense as the range of our guns were far less than the opposition Chieftains, and we were limited in our number of Saggers to two per APC.

The revolutionary guard didn't seem to be too eager to come forward, even an accidental shelling by their regular army allies didn't encourage them!

The opposition didn't notice me moving up my AA units till it was too late, and I managed to shoot down one of the helicopters. Surprisingly in the next turn they didn't withdraw the remaining two and both of those ended up shot down as well!

So despite being shot to pieces and only holding one defensive position I managed to scrape a win.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fistful of Golan

6mm battle between the Syrians and the Israelis on the Golan Heights based on the 1973 actions in the region.

The rules set is Fistful of TOWS 2, the minis supplied by Dave M who is also in charge of the mayhem.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bolt in the Desert

A game of Bolt Action 2, organised by Keiron and GM'ed by Matt who also provided the terrain and models. Scenario is a simple German assault against a British position on a ridge-line in North Africa.

The Germans had a mixture of Panzers and troops, while the British had Infantry and a single Anti-tank gun to start with.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Two Lions Rampant

Two games of Lion Rampant at the club as we enter training mode for the group. First game was Matt vs Jim, two novices to the rules with a number of (semi-)eager spectators.

Miniatures supplied by Dave M, who's rebased his Normans into single figures. Everybody else are still putting their plastics together.

Since it was Matt and Jim in command of the forces it was always going to be an interesting game. Victory conditions were whoever could hold the central hill for a total of 5 turns, or else defeat the opposition. Jim seized the central hill early, and Matt did not immediately respond. Preferring instead to form his footmen at arms into schiltron to protect his flanks from the enemy cavalry, while launching his own cavalry through the centre, skirting round the hill.

Jim managed to hold the hill for four turns but his force ended up breaking in the end, due to some bad morale roles.

For the second game , I got dragged into playing as nobody else would volunteer!

In this scenario I got the role of defender, trying to find an escapee in hiding from their former gaolers.

Things started badly as I failed to activate on the first term and only managed to activate a couple of units on the second. Meanwhile the attackers were advancing along the board at quite a pace being in the main light troops. Fortunately my troops finally decided to make haste and managed to check out the first and second area in quick succession. Unfortunately the escapee was in neither, and with the remaining sections in the middle of the board it was going to be a risky job to continue the search.

I decided to take a risk and advanced my cavalry units up the centre of the board this put them in direct confrontation with the enemy leader and cavalry. My leader's cavalry unit searched the central area and found our escapee, the trouble now laid in trying to get them off the board.

The big trouble with using the cavalry to pick up the escapee is the Wild Charge ability, which sort of gives the opposition a herding mechanism. Unless I could throw blockers in front of the unit, or make use of terrain to mask enemy units.

Then disaster struck my opponent, as their leader committed to a disastrous charge that greatly weakened them at little cost to myself, Although my unit with the escapee was in wild charge range of him, he was also on wild charge range of my other unit which I chose to activate first and wiped his unit out. With no one else in charge range my escapee could make their way towards safety.

The crib sheets we used, while not totally comprehensive, came in very useful, and I found them easier to use to look up activation and combat figures than the individual unit cards that Dave M provided.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Phalanx 2016

Another year and another Saturday trip to St Helens to visit the Phalanx show, the main one in the North-West. No exhibition game from Furness Wargamers this year, but the usual suspects made their way down individually. Some of the goods purchased are displayed below.

The decision had been previously made by our group at the club to try and organise a Lion Rampant campaign, set around an unspecified area of the Mediterranean in the Crusader era. Given how disorganised we traditionally are this would be quite an achievement if successful. So there the three of us were, trying to sort out what boxes of plastics were needed.

Templar Knight Horses
From Phalanx 2016

Saturday, 23 April 2016

St George's Day Game 2016

The annual St George's Day game, which this year actually occurred on St George's Day! An alternative version of Operation Goodwood, as the British try and force their way out of Normandy but this time with paratrooper support.

The ruleset used is Rapid Fire. Figures supplied by Matt and Keiron.